France why do you hate yourself?

Il n’y a pas de culture Française. “There is no such thing as French culture”, president of France, Emmanuel Macron.

I’m sure it took you a while to comprehend the schizophrenic nature of this utterance by a president of the Republic. Once a proud nation.

Mr. Macron made this comment to the left-wing newspaper Liberation, whose title in this context surely invokes a sense of irony.

The president strives for an ‘inclusive’ culture and therefore does not want to exclude anyone. Or as he phrases it himself: “There is culture in France and it is diverse and multiple. And I will not exclude from this culture, certain authors or musicians or artists, on the pretext that they supposedly come from elsewhere.”

I leave to you whom and what Mr. Macron meant by ‘they whom supposedly come from elsewhere’.

And it does sound nice, to be inclusive, doesn’t it? Nobody wants to be ‘exclusive’, or God forbid, xenophobic.

But how ‘inclusive’ is Mr. Macron willing to be? Is he willing to make the values of the Republic negotiable? Is he willing to engage in cultural relativism, arguing that other values are to be appreciated equally? Or does he secretly know which values are superior? And if he does, then why does he not defend the values of the Republic against any values that are in clear contradiction?

Unfortunately not just politicians from France have decided to give up on themselves, and their history. Politicians from all over the continent have thrown in the towel and walked off to the bar. They won’t live to see the consequences of their pacifism. And are rich enough to avoid seeing the harm they do.

The failure of European leaders to defend all that this great continent has produced, fostered and nurtured along the veil of years is described impeccably by Douglas Murray in his newest book The Strange Death of Europe.

I care about France. The wonderful contributions its people have bought to humanity are unique. Think of Sartre, Foucault, Descartes, Voltaire.

And because I care I hope to leave you with a thought. By who else, but Churchill as said in September of 1936. Still applicable today:

“For good and ill the French people have been effectively masters in their own house, and have built as they chose upon the ruins of the old régime. They have done what they like. Their difficulty is to like what they have done.”

“Fascists, Nazis, and those who we know from the genocide at Srebrenica”

Mr. Erdogan (president of Turkey and soon to be all-powerful-ruler) called Dutch people fascists and offspring of Nazis who were known for the genocide at Srebrenica.

Quiet an accusation from a man who says that the murder of 1.5 million Armenians, Assyrians and Ottoman Greeks by his own country does not account to genocide. In fact, he refuses to recognise it as such but is only all too willing to call the murder of eight thousand Bosnian Muslims in the Bosnian War genocide. Double standards?

By erecting a memorial statue for the victims in Istanbul Mr. Erdogan wants to promote himself as the self-appointed to-be leader of the Sunni Muslim world. In actual fact Mr. Erdogan is exploiting the tragic events at Srebrenica for his own political gain. 

Against the historical evidence as Turkey could have, but didn’t save the Bosnians at the time. Hypocritically, Erdogan criticises the Dutch government that tried to provide protection but didn’t get the military support to save Bosnian Muslims in the enclave of Srebrenica.

Us versus Them

It’s always been us versus them. 

We are those whom consider virtuous the concepts of individual liberty, freedom of expression and of conscience. Whom advocate a society where the state treats its citizens as individuals each walking on the road of life pursuing whatever happiness and meaning they may find.

They are those whom consider it a virtuous act to impose upon all members of society a single unalterable ideology through government. 

Totalitarianism 2.0

Academics and social commentators spend vast amounts of time defining what groups like ISIS are. They fail to even get close to the core of the issue which is that they and groups like them (Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Al-Nursa, etc.) simply propagate a form of totalitarianism based on the religious doctrines of Islam.

Simply put, ISIS (and movements like them) propagate nothing more and nothing less than yet another form of totalitarianism. Fundamentally indistinguishable from Nazism or Stalinism. The only difference being that this time not the ideology of communism is the foundation of a totalitarian state but the doctrines of islam.

So let us speak plainly and drop the nonsense. The academics and commentators who use terms like ‘islamic fundamentalists’, or ‘islamists’  to describe the nature of ISIS are making an educated discussion ever more difficult. In fact they are polluting the discourse. They are confusing the public with terms that have value only in academic papers where they have given them meaning to suit their thesis’.

In reality the world is dealing with a known evil, totalitarianism. The supporters of which wish to establish an islamic theocracy in the lands where they live, some lands they deem important based on religious scripture and eventually the whole world.

Thus the battle lines are drawn and the camps are clear. It is those whom are in favour of a a secular government that face a group of tyrants whom adhere to an ideology that wishes to create a theocratic state.

It is us versus them.

For those whom are more visually orientated have a look at images of theocrats in Indonesia and images of Nazi supporters. You will see no difference except for appearance. Fundamentally they are the same.

  1. Indonesia (video showing Indonesian students declaring intention to establish theocracy in form of caliphate)
  2. Germany (video showing german soldiers pledging allegiance to Adolf Hitler)