About me

Who am I?

Well. My Name is Mark Verspoor. I’m 25-years-old and I’m an aspiring journalist with lots of passions. Summarised: reading, writing, eating and outdoorsy things.

I was born in The Netherlands but moved to India (Gujarat province) when I was 8. And when I was 9 my family moved to Australia (Geelong). After about five years in Australia we moved back to The Netherlands.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in South- and Southeast Asia Studies from the University of Leiden. During these 3 years of study I focussed on the economics, history and politics of the countries in the region with a specific focus on India. I also studied Hindi for 3 years.

While I was doing my BA degree I hosted and helped set up a radio show called Sciece071. Where we interviewed scientists to get their perspectives on current affairs.

Currently I’m finishing my Master’s thesis in journalism on child murder narratives in Dutch newspapers (1930-2015).

As part of my MA degree I did an internship at a Dutch newspaper called Algemeen Dagblad. I wrote in Dutch about all things that had to do with the city of Utrecht. Local journalism.

Hope that gives you some insight.

O ye, I tweet @verspoorm