Neymar move sparks unrest: “more Barcelona players looking to follow their heart”

This afternoon former Barcelona star player Neymar announced that he signed with Paris Saint-Germain. “This is not about the money, I am following my heart” said the filthy rich 25-year-old Brazilian. Barcelona coach  Ernesto Valverde is on high alert as rumours  spread of more icons wishing to follow in the footsteps of Neymar. 

“We can’t blame Neymar for leaving Barcelona, he only earned £150,000 a week here while at PSG he will be earning £537,000 a week,” Valverde sighs. “We have to remain realistic, if I could earn that much money by kicking a ball I’d do it too.”

The star player himself denies the alligation that his move is all about money. “These people [who assuse me] don’t know anything about me. Money was never my motivation. I want to be happy, and I want my family to be happy. Really, I am jut a humble person who enjoys the small things in life.”

A whole lot of money

Chief executive officer Nasser Al-Khelaïfi has a different take on events. “We bought Neymar not because he is a particuarly good footballer but because he is known and adored around the world and that is going to be great for our merchandise business. We don’t love football we just love money, a whole lot of it.”

Lionel Messi 

“As a coach my biggest concern at the moment is that Lionel Messi will also follow his heart,” says Valverde. Messi’s heart is in Barcelona at the moment (earning £500,000 a week) but he has mentioned that his heart sometimes wanders between China and Saudi Arabia saying that “it is the dream of every footballer to play in the best leagues with the best players.”



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