National Consciousness 

The most important issue in Western Europe is that of national consciousness. News commentators and academics have distanced themselves too often from or have failed to defend the foundations of Western civilisation. 

In 1931 this was not yet the case. Winston Churchill in February of that year said: “It is this union of past and present, of tradition and progress, this golden chain, never yet broken, because no undue strain is placed upon it, that has constituted the peculiar merit and sovereign quality of English national life.”  

One of my favourite commentators on this issue is Douglas Murray. He is one of the few public intellectuals whom is willing and able to defend both the right of European people to have a place they call home and the great accomplishments of the European peoples. 

The constant battering of Western civilisation and a fetish for that which can be called “exotic”, in short, the practice of cultural relitavism has deteriorated the foundations of our societies. 

A vocal defence by Sam Harris and Douglas Murray can be found here

I can not stress enough the importance of a national conscience. It is a concept that can be shared by people of all colours and creeds. And it contains some of the greatest products of the human mind. Products that have made life exponentially more just for all human beings living in such societies. 

Summed up are these concepts in the constitutions of nations such as the United States, or the United Kingdom. And those of France, Germany, The Netherlands. 

These include systems of parliamentary democracy. The separation of church and state. The “trias politica”, known as the separation of powers. And the treatment of human beings as individuals. 

These, and more, concepts constitute the basis of our national consciousness. It is the most valuable thing that we have. And we should wish to explain it to others too. So that they may reap the fruits from this tree of freedom.

My favourite quote on the topic is by the greatest British Prime Minister: 

“A nation without a conscience is a nation without a soul. A nation without a soul is a nation that cannot live.”

  • Churchill – 1951, 16 September. RAF Benevolent Fund Broadcast, London.

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