An attitude to Life

What attitude is most fruitful on the journey of life? 

That’s a bloody difficult question. And I’m sure we both could come up with so many lines of prose to indulge in and to draw inspiration from in answering this question.

Of course, although it is a broad question it is hardly ever practical or applicable in the form that I put it to you today. Usually we ask these questions about more specific events. For example when we find a colleague annoying and struggle to purposefully work with them. 

Whatever the circumstance however, there is one eternal maxim which delivers every time. Encourages the mind and sharpens the will. 

I found it in one of my favourite books: Churchill in his own words. Which is simply a collection of nearly all Churchill’s sayings on all imaginable topics. 

My favourite of these maxims and the one most applicable to the question “What attitude is most fruitful on the journey of life? “?

“We must just KBO.”

KBO = Keep Buggering On

And so we will.
This post is part of a series which I call an ‘autobiographical book of ideas’. In more colloquial terms it means that I am writing and/or finding texts on all sorts of topics which I will compile at the end of the year to form somewhat of a book that represents my opinions and views at this point in my life. I hope you enjoy the journey 🙂


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